Thursday, September 21, 2006

"The recent incident in Muttur and three days before massacre in Pottuvil are part of the history of the Muslims community that has been victimized throughout the conflict, and marginalized in the peace process. I am here to stress the importance of addressing human rights abuses committed against Muslim community by the Sri Lankan Government and LTTE.

We also welcome the President's call for an independent monitoring mission to look into the recent abduction and killings. However this international monitoring mission should be separate from the peace process and Ceasefire Agreement monitoring, because human rights monitoring should continue irrespective of whether we have ceasefire or war. In fact during the ceasefire period there were so many abductions and extra judicial killings. These abuses were swept under the carpet because the parties involved in ceasefire monitoring did not want to upset the peace process", says human rights and peace activist S.Saroor.